About Wildman Wellness

Hi, I’m Jack.

I am the founder and head coach at Wildman Wellness.

Growing up on an off grid farm in the mountains of the Northern Rivers of NSW I have a deep connection and passion for nature and the outdoors. We had our own livestock and grew our own organic vegetables -this experience has definitely shaped me to be where I am today and more aware of the environment and choice I make in my life.

After graduating from school, I became a carpenter and travelled the globe chasing waves, snow and exceptional life enriching experiences. From remote villages in Indonesia to rocky mountains in Canada, there was always an aspect of nature and wilderness involved.

After realising that carpentry wasn't my true calling or passion, I started looking for more in my life, I decided to look for other options. During this period I was living with my cousin Josh in Philadelphia and he introduced me to the paleo/primal movementHaving always been active,interested in fitness and sports, I started to research more about the effects of food on performance and health, and noticed that personally my ability drastically improved, not to mention it all made sense -eat good quality REAL food.

For the past 10 years, I have worked in the health and wellness space. In 2013, Josh and I, inspired from our time together in Philly started a healthy fast food chain called ‘THR1VE’; a thought leader and pioneer of a brand in Australia, that promised to bring healthy meals to the general public.

Recognising my desire was more to help and facilitate change in people lives I left Thr1ve in 2017, and have been working towards creating a community of empowered men that are living in their truth.

My aim is to provide a process and a platform for men to feel comfortable to connect deeply with themselves. I believe this is the way to complete health - the mind, body and soul approach.

I currently reside in the Byron Bay hinterland, surrounded by rainforest, with my beautiful partner Ally and our dog Ziggy.

Love and Light.

‘My aim is to authentically offer and contribute my skills, to make a positive impact in peoples lives, and to uplift and empower them to reach their greatest potential'.

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