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Holistic Life Coaching | Men's Health Coach

Holistic Life Coaching | Men's Health Coach

Modern Men Have Lost Their WILD-ness,

more than that we are worn out, domesticated and out of touch.


In todays world where everything is trying to take your attention, and the constant distractions allow you to feel overwhlemed and strung out, it feels almost too much to try and hold it all sometimes. Yet you still feel that pull deep inside, that knowing there is something more to be, to give, to share with your world.

I get it… I’ve been there, struggling to keep my head above water, drowning in all the pressure to BE better, yet having NO idea what to do.

Pushing myself to the point of breaking to try and fill the emptiness inside…

The external expectations I put on myself needing to always great it right, not being able to handle failing, feeling sick whenever I did. Falling off the wagon, 3 weeks good work to 4 weeks ruined.

Through all the pain and life experiences of broken relationships and pushing myself too hard-partying every weekend, training 6-7 days per week, working 90+ hours -all to try and be happy, to be good enough, to find something that I couldn't put my finger on.

I know that place…

I know what it's like to want MORE for yourself, your family and your community, yet keep failing to find it

Struggled for YEARS before I learnt how to overcome it.

I believe that in order to live a truly fulfilling life, you must know who you are.

There is a wildness inside of you, and it wants to be free. It has been trained to not come out, to stay quiet...But the more that happens the hard your life gets, the further way from your Self you go.

This is where the work is, it can be hard to do, especially on your own and that's why I want to help.

By offering you support and guidance, with a strong focus on the foundations of overall health, tailored personally for YOUR life.

You will be on your way to becoming a better man, a WILD MAN, free to live your authentic expression.

We will work together closely as you develop tools to assist you in your journey towards living the greatest version of you.

Let’s get started on building the life of your dreams. It all starts with YOU!

Are You Ready to Create Your Ultimate Life?

Is something inside you constantly searching for more so you can somehow fill an unrecognised emptiness? Does "more" even matter if you don’t know who you really are? Are there questions you're asking yourself, questions that need to be answered? If so... congratulations, you've come to the right place! YOU AREN’T MEANT TO DO IT ALONE! We grew into the men we are today in community, surrounded by others. It stands to reason then… that to find answers to your deepest questions it should be done the same way!

12 Weeks To More Time, More Money, More Energy And More Sex.

Are ready to learn how to tackle whatever life throws at you and stay in the driver's seat? This 12-week program coaching program will help you to learn the tools you will need to transform and live your life on your own terms. Becoming the man you have always wanted to be


Self Leadership Handbook

Men are at a point in history where we are more disconnected than ever before. The Self Leadership Handbook has been created to help men find connection with the earth, connect with self and find their tribe. You are not meant to do this alone and you no longer need to. Download the handbook and start today!

The Men's Code: Gain the knowledge that can support you in your growth as a man

The frame work outlined in this program is design to give to the building blocks to create transformation in your life. When applied the simple abut effect models can give you the power to know yourself in a new way, accessing new found freedom and possibility.

‘You were wild once, don't let them tame you’

- Isadona Duncan

Men I have had the pleasure of working with

Hear from men who were ready to change... to take control of their lives and step towards the greatest version of it.

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